Melody & Gabe | A Chilly Sunrise Session in the Flint Hills | Engagement

Welcome to Mel & Gabe's engagement session! 

Here you will find all kinds of the best things: The gorgeous Flint Hills of Kansas, Tuttle Creek Lake, drift wood, a sunrise, moody clouds, and two fantastic goofballs that share a love so sweet and so true that it's contagious. 

Mel & Gabe are very near and dear to my main squeeze & me. They bring joy, laughter, accountability, and the best kind of friendship. 

As we set out for their session, that joy and laughter kept them warm in the 27 degree weather. They cuddled. They whispered sweet-nothings to each other. They held each other close. They twirled. They let the goofy out. 

They absolutely rocked their session. 

...and I wouldn't expect anything else. These two set out to put their heart and soul into everything that they do. Whether it's their relationship with the Lord, each other, their friends, their awesome business (Flyover Board Co.), school, work, play (you get the idea) they do it well and full of heart.

Mel & Gabe, I am so excited for this journey you are on! You two are going to make things happen as a strong team. Thank you for trusting me to capture such special moments for you guys!