Annie & Curry | Two Light, One Love | A Lovely Pair | KCMO


A N N I E & C U R R Y
Adorable and Charming.
Ambitious and Committed.
Attentive and Caring.
Animated and Chipper.

…and pretty much every other lovely A&C word combo you can think of. The point here: they’re a great pair and they complement each other so. very. well. Oh and their smiles: infectious.

I met Annie while photographing her sister Ellen’s wedding a few years ago in Manhattan, KS (back in my La Brisa days)! She was as sweet-as-pie then as she is now. I met Curry at their engagement session and he is, as stated above, as charming as she is adorable. It’s obvious they love each other well and whole-heartedly. To put it simply: Curry is one blessed dude and Annie is one blessed gal. Not only are they #blessed (sorry couldn’t help myself #sorrynotsorry #makingfunofhashtags), BUT they are getting married TOMORROW!

Pumped is an understatement.

I can only imagine that it will be a day filled with such celebration, intentionality, commitment, laughter, (happy) tears and some saweeet dance moves. Stand-by for the photographic evidence ;)

Let the following images be a preview of what is to come. Location one: down the street from Annie’s high school in Manhattan, KS. Location two: Two Light in downtown KC.

P.S. We had to incorporate Chipotle because it will be the meal of the evening…TOMORROW!!




Happy Friday, friends.