Macy & Cody | Wedded Bliss & Hometown Charm | Frankfort, KS & Waterville, KS

Macy & Cody are married!!! Can I get a 'whoop whoop'?

There were SO many people that came to support them on their wedding day! So many who have witnessed their relationship grow into marriage, as these high school sweethearts went from two crazy kids in love to husband and wife. To me, that is amazing. 

Cody grew up in Frankfort, KS (where the ceremony was held) and Macy is Waterville, KS just a few miles to the west (where the reception was held). There were such sweet personal touches in every detail all day long. They wanted to make sure that every person and every meaningful thing was accounted for as they celebrated the beginning of their marriage. 

I have to say that their entire reception blew me away! There were about 500 guests in attendance at Macy's parents farm shop. You know, like a shop that holds equipment and stuff...Let me tell ya, magic happened. Macy and Cody's parents (and a few others, I'm sure) pitched in to make this shop a venue fit for a princess. It was, hands down, the most impressive and gorgeous craftsmanship for an at home wedding celebration that I have had the opportunity to witness...But you'll just have to see for yourself ;) 

The day was sweet and intentional and the night was filled with beautiful fun! What a dang way to kick off a marriage! My goodness.