Legna & Chet | KC Sunrise Sweetness | KCMO


L E G N A  +  C H E T

Okay, so let's get something out of the way: All of this happened in 27 degrees.
(insert something corny about their love being all the warmth they need or something like that here)

But in all seriousness, ^^^ yeah...they were all the warmth they needed. Just wait until you see what I mean. We kept the posing close for this one (bc frost bite) and they cuddled, danced and ran in the most wonderful way (yes, they even ran pretty)! 

During my short time(s) spent with Legna + Chet, I've learned that:
-They share a heart to exude Light and Love and purpose in their relationship and individually.
-They have a foundation based on THE most rock solid ground around and they aim to build on that foundation through their upcoming marriage.
-She laughs a million dollar laugh for him.
-He looks at her like she's the best thing since McDonald's curbside pick-up.
-Straight beauty + friendship consume their relationship. 

These two have been long distance since their story began. She's in New York and he's in Boston. And in a few short months, they will finally be in the same state, county, town...home. amazing. 

And now I'm done chatting your ear off bc I know you're here for the photos. So you just keep a'scrolling to get a glimpse into my time with Legna + Chet.

Happy Friday, friends! I hope your weekend is as warm as the love these two share (I'm sorry, I'm all corn over here)