Bryna & Kenyon | Wedded Bliss & Woodland Whimsy | Prairiewood Retreat & Preserve | Manhattan, KS

Bryna & Kenyon's wedding day...where do I start? Well I guess I could start by saying that it was undeniably them. Every little thing to every big thing was perfectly thought through to not only represent these love birds, but to represent where they came from. 

The day began and ended at Prairiewood Retreat & Preserve in one of my favorite places on earth: Manhattan, KS. I arrived to the ladies chillin' with mimosas and the guys at the MMA gym. As I gathered up Bryna and Kenyon's wedding day details, I quickly realized that I had never seen a more perfect mix of "things" to help represent who I knew these two to be. With the perfect mix of steampunk and classically vintage, every material thing had a story to tell. From Bryna's elven princess/etherial hair-do, borrowed jewelry, and her hand decorated chucks to Kenyon's navy chucks and quirky, yet dashingly handsome all just fit together like a beautifully crafted puzzle.

At their first look, Kenyon's first reaction was to sweetly embrace and kiss his bride (heart melted). Then they took few moments to take it all in. The day they had anticipated for over a year was here and they were ready to do it up in true Bryna & Kenyon fashion. 

We ventured down to the creek next to their ceremony site to snap a few shots and then snagged some with their peeps. It was a bit warm, but they all ROCKED it...and fanned each other in the process. 

Their ceremony was beautiful. They were married in front of a gorgeously crafted arbor made by one of Bryna's college professors & decorated in florals by none other than Kistner's. As the ceremony went on, it came time for the rings...only for everyone to realize that they were still up at the house. Instead of waiting for their retrieval, Bryna & Kenyon decided to proceed with pretend rings...and I don't think they would've had it any other way. I mean, why not add a little more character to an already amazing shindig?  

After the two were pronounced one, their guests headed up to the Blue Sage Barn as Mr. & Mrs. Stacey dipped their warm toes into the creek and took some time to take it all in before dancing the night away. 

Their reception was a PARTY, you guys: Coco Bolos fajitas, homemade ice-cream, popcorn, Billy Vanilly Cupcakes, the most amazing face-painting I've ever seen, a photo booth, and people getting their boogie on late into the night. The walls and tables were lined with heirlooms and photos of their relatives and upbringings. Each setting had a beautiful story to tell. It was a truly amazing night and the most perfect way to celebrate the beginning of such an awesome couple's marriage! 

Bryna & Kenyon, thank you SO much for trusting me to capture the amazing celebration of your marriage! Thank you for your go-with-the-flow attitudes and your amazing ability to laugh it off and enjoy the moments for what they are. The world could use some more beautiful hearts like yours. Best of luck to guys as you embark on this new chapter as elven princess and warrior...I mean... husband & wife ;) 

And Catherine, thank you so much for coming alongside me to capture yet another beautiful wedding day! I love your eye and heart for the moments. 

xoxo, Emma