It's Here! The Honor Workshop

So here's the deal, I've got big news about a (big) something:


Emma Wheatley of Rose Wheat Photography and I are hosting a workshop for photographers focused on honoring others in the industry (clients & community), honoring ourselves, and honoring God. If that piques your interest, we have lots more info (click below to see the video!), and read on to see what it's all about!

This is a workshop for photographers, but not a photography workshop.

That's right! No cameras allowed.

Our goal for this is simple: remembering our worth so that we can pour out love and honor in the overflow of that love. And that's where the purpose comes in: Honoring God. Honoring Ourselves. Honoring Others. 

Join us as we re-establish and rediscover our Father's love for us. The numbers game (followers on social media, amount of weddings on the books, dollar amounts we spend on gear, etc.) becomes so consuming, and honestly, a giant competition (whether we name it or not). It can leave us feeling so inadequate. This needs to stop. We have worth in so much more than numbers. Our business is worth so much more than numbers. Let's create a God-sized shift in the dynamic of our industry. God created all of this beauty that we capture, so let's honor it. 

Here's a glimpse of what the worshop will look like:

House slippers & PJ's. Coffee & Tea. Healthy Snacking & Meal Sharing. Community over competition. Loving. Worshiping. Encouraging. No cameras. Just you and your open heart. Let's get down to the nitty gritty of what this is all about. 

To reserve your spot, follow this link:

For further questions, e-mail us at!

We're so excited to host this & grow with you.


Emma W. & Emma Y.