I am so glad that you are here! I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself, why & how I became a photographer, and to let you know that I absolutely value intentionality. I aim to be intentional with every fiber of my being (including my business and all of the little things that help make it what it is). Let's begin, shall we?!


Hi! I'm Emma. My husband: Jonathan, daughter: Evie, and love-pug: Ruby and I live in Kansas City! Jonathan and I have been married for 7 years. whoop whoop! and...Here are a few photos, because not only am I photographer, I'm a visual person too, so here ya go:

This is me (sorry to state the obvious), the other guy is my hunk of a husband and that tiny bit of overwhelming cuteness is Evie (she’s almost 2 now!). This is one of my favorite pictures of the three of us. Photo Credit: the  very  talented  Allie Burns

This is me (sorry to state the obvious), the other guy is my hunk of a husband and that tiny bit of overwhelming cuteness is Evie (she’s almost 2 now!). This is one of my favorite pictures of the three of us.
Photo Credit: the very talented Allie Burns

This is our first kiss as husband and wife! And that man rolling his eyes in the background is my amazing father-in-law Russ. I love both of these men so much.
Photo Credit: Rose Wheat Photography


28 years ago, in a land far far away...

Just kidding. Let's start here: My Instagram profile says Christ Follower // Wife // Momma // Friend // Wedding & Portrait Photographer. 

In college, I had a professor ask us to write out the top five things by which we define ourselves. Then he had us cross off one "thing" at a time, until we were left with one. He posed the question, "If all of but one of these were taken away, what is the one thing that you would want people to know about you?"  He was asking us to honestly and truly define ourselves by one thing.

Who knew that one class, one exercise, one nugget of food for thought would help me fill out my IG profile description one day. ;)

Spoiler alert! The one thing that I had left was this: Christ Follower. I'm not going to say that it was easy to mark off wife, mom, friend, or photographer, because it wasn't. Those are a huge part of who I am. But choosing the "one thing" was a no-brainer for me. At my very core, the root and foundation of everything in me is Christ. He did for me what I couldn't do for myself. He is my identity and purpose. Because of Him I am SO much more than a wife, mom, friend, or photographer. Because of Him, I have life. 

So now you know who I am, why I do this and the very root of my intentions. Let's keep going.


6-ish years ago, my sweet and very handsome husband got me an early birthday present. I bet you can't guess what it was. Okay, okay. It was a camera. A Canon EOS Rebel t4i to be exact. He gifted it to me for the simple fact that I needed a hobby.

Highway 1 in Cali. One of the many places I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to and photograph.

I had that glorious piece of magic for about two weeks when the wonderful and talented Emma Wheatley of Rose Wheat Photography (hey girl!) posted that she was going to be hosting a summer internship. I applied. I was chosen. I shot. I learned a TON. I started a FB business page. Got business. Officially started a business. Met and shot with an awesome dude: Chris of La Brisa Photography. Joined the La Brisa team. Got a gear upgrade. Worked. Traveled. Learned even more. Decided that I was ready to spread my wings and fly. Launched Emma York Photography 2.0 (the much more experienced version). And that leads us to now... the intentional part.

I was going to be an Occupational Therapist. That was my plan. However, that was not God's plan. I love God's plan, but I was very confused at first. I was facing having a career as an OT (what I had spent all of my sweat, tears and college years working toward) or having a career as a photographer (my hobby). At first, it was intentionality versus play to me. But God quickly and very bluntly revealed to me that, if I let Him, He can use me, the talent He's given me, and the light in me to be intentional anywhere, doing anything, as long as I am doing it for Him. Now it's all just intentionality. Doors opened and I walked through them. And boy, am I glad that I did. I get to capture beauty...as my job (what??)! I get to share in your special moments and capture them. So. Awesome. 


You guys, I love my job. Every big and little thing that makes this business, well...a business has been mulled over, day-dreamed and prayed for. That includes all of the sweet and wonderful people, this website, social media, how I shoot, how I edit, the packaging and delivery of images, consultations, etc. I want each and every person that chooses EYP to share in an experience of genuine interaction and heck, to have an awesome time!  So let me share the "why" behind a few things! 



The first wedding collection option is Diamond. Fancy, I know. But let me tell ya why. This is a picture of my ring. I know, my husband sure did a great job, right?? But this ring is just a ring and this diamond is just a diamond. It's what these things symbolize that means the world to me. This ring symbolizes my commitment to Jonathan. It means that, in all things, I am his and he is mine. But most importantly, it's a circle. It's unending; just like our Father's love for us, the love that we aim to give, and the love we hope to know. The diamond: it's strong and lasting. It's what we strive and fight for in our marriage everyday. 


The second option in the collections. Also the second option for the stone in my ring. I was going to use an opal instead of a diamond in my engagement ring...until we found the ring. We were told that opals were a soft gem and can easily break. So my main squeeze surprised me with the necklace version of the original ring I dreamt up and gave it to me as a graduation gift. You will almost always find it around my neck and close to my heart.


The big kahuna of the collections. Now I know what you're probably thinking: Why is a less valuable gem (in comparison to the opal and diamond) set as your most valuable collection? Well you smart cookie, my sweet, sweet pug is why. Behold: Ruby. The most valuable gem. The apple of my eye. My love pug. I'm not going to admit that we (yes, Jonathan included) are a little obsessed with her, but...we are. She's the whole package and that's where the name comes from ;)


I LOVE nature. I love fresh air (specifically that found in the mountains and in Italian restaurants). I love being in nature. I love exploring. I love getting my hands dirty. I love gardening. And I LOVE flowers. I LOVE photographing portrait sessions. I love keeping things earthy and real. 


The first portrait collection. Lavender is refreshing to me. It awakens my senses and helps me feel like myself again. That's my goal. Whether you're a senior, engaged love birds, married love birds, expectant or surrounded by your family, I want you to leave your session feeling more connected, refreshed and more like yourself. My goal is always to capture inner beauty and connection. Hopefully you come away from your session feeling like lavender makes me feel.


The second collection is called Lilac. I love lilac. It is full and its fragrance captivates me. Just like spring, this blossom is just wonderful and renewing to me. I can't help but notice it. I can't help but smell it. It reminds me of carefree days spent in nature. Hair down, hands in the air, the fresh breeze. Oh, I can almost smell it now. I only wish it were around all year. But its seasonal appearance only makes it that much sweeter. 


The third and final collection. My name is Emma Leigh York. But the hubs has endearingly called me Emma 'Lily' since we were dating. I'm not exactly sure where he came up with it, but I do know this: He thinks it sounds better. Lilies are his flower of choice to give me. They are his favorite. I love it. I love lilies. I love him. 


All of my wedding clients will receive prints of a few of my favorite images from their session or wedding. We live in such a digital world. And although much of what you receive will be online or digital, I want you to have a few tangible memories to hold onto. Yay Artifact Uprising


Pictured here is Jonathan's wedding gift to me. This box holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it from my love, but it holds all of the sweet details from our wedding day. Check out our love story here.

I want my wedding clients to have a keepsake box. Something that is timeless and holds all of those earthly possessions from your day. The things that connect us to the day we were wedded and to the people that were there to love and support us. The box will be a handmade glass box that holds some of my favorite prints from your day wrapped in natural hand-dyed silk, your USB containing your images and a sprig of greenery to add a touch of nature.